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It’d be easy to assume that Mo wrote this book just to drum up new business. And, of course, he’s hoping it will because that is one of his aims.

But here’s the thing. His MAIN aim is to help business owners just like me to get real value from promotional marketing products. This shows right from the very first chapter of his book.

If you’re anything like me — a one-woman powerhouse of a business — you’re aware there’s no such thing as a ‘marketing budget’. We need every penny we spend to work hard and we need it to bring a measurable return — or we need to see it’s not working so we can ditch it and try something else.

Mo knows that too, and he wants his clients to get as much ROI as possible from working with him… even if that means he doesn’t do quite as well as he could in the short-term. Because unlike some other promo companies I’ve crossed paths with in the past, Mo wants to build long-term relationships with his clients.

This book is just the first step on that journey, and I wish he’d written it years ago.

Starting with the 7 Reasons Why Most Promotional Products Fail Miserably, and How to Fix That, the book is packed full of useful and practical stuff to help us avoid the pitfalls of promo marketing. And Chapter 2 is just brilliant: it’ll be a revelation to most business owners.
Mo’s also included a chapter about how he and other businesses have successfully used lumpy mail and promotional products to get real, tangible results. There are a bunch of good ideas in there for us to swipe and adapt.

And he also goes in-depth regarding how to create and run a whole marketing system — including where the real profits lie, and how to dig them out.

If you run your own business, I strongly recommend you read this book. There’s no nonsense in there. No fads. No thinly disguised sales pitches.

It’s packed full of valuable, timeless, practical stuff you can put to work straightaway. And it’s a good read. Enjoy!


Well, in this book, Mo tells you upfront and honestly why bad or poorly thought-out promotional products don’t work and why they have such a bad rap. But he also gives you a
blueprint for how appealing and well thought-out promotional products can work for your business and, what’s more, work exceptionally well.

I used Mo to source and produce a promotional product for one of my businesses, which I used for a campaign to bring lapsed clients back into the fold.

But it wasn’t just the product itself that made the sales, it was the information that Mo shares with you inside this book on how to use them in a campaign. And that is where the gold is. And that’s not something that many people in his industry will share with you.

In addition, Mo gives you a wealth of information into the motivation and buying habits of your potential clients, and armed with that knowledge (and Mo’s products), you are bound to hit the marketing sweet spot.

Mo has put the hard work into creating the perfect marketing campaign using promotional products so you don’t have to. All you have to do is read this book.

Mark Cottle

I have known Mo for a couple of years. In fact, we catch up almost every week on Skype to talk business and help each other in our respective journeys.

Mo knows what he is talking about, not only when it comes to promotional products, but when it comes to marketing in general. He is not an armchair expert, rather, he has a rich experience in implementing everything he teaches you in ‘Promo Power Supremacy’.

If you are a business owner or work in marketing, you’d be a fool if you didn’t follow Mo’s advice.

Richard Sullivan

You may well ask: what exactly is the point of spending a good portion of your limited marketing resources on promotional products? Does it actually work for your business?

Well, it’s about time someone explained the facts for you. This has now been done in ‘Promo Power Supremacy’ by Mo Yusuff.

I first met Mo over 20 years ago when his company became our garment supplier and printer. I was very intrigued when he said he was going to publish a book on a subject that was close to both his heart and mine.

This is the world we work within. We both run companies that produce, print, distribute, design, market and sell custom branded products. Our client profiles span the whole spectrum, from the small one-person businesses, to global corporations. Our customers are all different but the process we implement is the same for each and every one, big or small.

If you are in the business of marketing then you really should read ‘Promo Power Supremacy’. Within 7 chapters, Mo takes you through multiple tried and tested processes that you need to put in place if you really want to grow your business with promotional products. It’s no quick fix. In fact, it’s bloody hard work, but once you have implemented the procedures outlined in this book, you will see the benefits.

It’s no great secret that a lot of branded business gifts are badly chosen, cheap and unrepresentative of the company whose brand they carry. More often than not, they are given out to the wrong people and ultimately end up in the bin, unused and unloved.

Please do not make the same mistakes we see time and time again.

Get it right first time and incorporate them into a strategy that works.

We know that with the right advice and a good promotional product partner, you can reach the new customers that your company needs in order to grow and evolve. And most importantly, Mo will show you how to keep those customers loyal to you and make them come back again and again.

I know how much hard work has gone into developing these strategies and getting them all down on paper and into this book. It’s the distillation of many years of experience, from trial and error to the incorporation of modern marketing techniques that makes this book a real winner.

You could say that this book is a great addition to your marketing strategy, whatever your business background.

I’m confident it will help you grow your business and, once again, Mo has delivered a perfect gift that you will most definitely want to keep.

Robert Cartoon

This book covers so much more than buying promotional products, such as pens and keyrings, to give to your customers. It is a marketing blueprint for finding the right clients, coming up with ideas on how to keep them as clients and how to get lapsed clients to come back to you.

Chapter 4 includes a complete marketing campaign, which you can use to find the best customers in your target market.

There are loads of take away points/tips throughout to help you.

So, if you are looking for ideas, tips and strategies to help you grow your business then invest in this book.

Ben Waters

This is more than a book on just ‘promotional products’… I mean, first and foremost, it delivers on that promise – it details exactly why you should use promotional products and how they can be used to grow your business.

But more than that, it gives you why you should be using promotional products at all… whether it’s to reinforce your brand or be the core focus of a marketing campaign.

After reading this book several things should be true: the first is that you will be armed with knowledge on why you should use promotional products with your marketing (and what ones to use), but, more importantly, how you should use them. Second, you should understand marketing at a deeper level than thinking it’s just about

sending a product off in the post to ‘get out there’. Third, you should be more familiar with specific strategies, which can absolutely transform your business if you take action and get on and do it.

Finally, you’ll understand just why there are thousands upon thousands of poor quality promotional products out there that could end up making you look poor quality – and how to avoid them.

There aren’t many books out there that go into this much detail on how to structure a marketing campaign. To have this one, combined with the promotional products aspect, makes it a fiercely good read indeed and something that every business owner should read at least once, if not twice.

Lorraine Windsor

‘Promo Power Supremacy’ is easy to read and provides a step-by-step guide to using promotional products to market your business in the most successful way possible. Mo’s conversational, honest style is refreshing. The key take away points at the end of each section help you to consolidate what you have just read, plan your strategy and take action.

It’s clear that Mo is passionate about helping his customers and he has really put an enormous amount of thought and effort into his book. The book goes beyond promotional products and can be applied to many aspects of your marketing strategy. The ‘great little tips’ are invaluable and, as you read the book, these gems click into place. I personally had lots of light bulb moments and will be implementing Mo’s suggestions, tips and strategies as soon as possible.

If you own your own business or you are a marketing manager, this book is a must read.